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Mayoral by-election 2015

Final result and electoral returns for the 2013 mayoral by-election.

Final result


Affiliation Status
Smith, Grant   Elected
Utikere, Tangi   Excluded
Findlay, Lew Independent Excluded
Dennison, Vaughan   Excluded
Petrenas, Bruno   Excluded
Pugmire, Sue   Excluded
Symes, Abi   Excluded
Egan, Martin Independent Excluded
Barber, Ross Easton Team God Excluded

Electoral donations and expenses

All candidates are required to file a return of electoral donations and expenses. The returns received from candidates are as set out below.

Nominated for


Election of Mayor

Barber, Ross Easton (Team God)
Dennison, Vaughan
Egan, Martin (Independent)
Findlay, Lew (Independent)
Petrenas, Bruno (Independent)
Pugmire, Sue
Smith, Grant
Symes, Abi
Utikere, Tangi