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Local government elections

The next local government elections for Mayor and Councillors of Palmerston North City Council will be held on Saturday 8 October 2022.

Councillors in Palmerston North are currently elected on a city-wide basis. Instead of a ward system, all electors participate in electing all 15 Councillors. 

Elections were last held in 2019 for:

  • one Mayor
  • 15 Councillors

Enrolling to vote

If you're enrolled as a parliamentary elector you will automatically be placed on the council’s electoral roll as a residential elector.

If you need to enrol or update existing name or address details on the parliamentary electoral roll, you can do so at any Post Shop, online on the Electoral Commission's Vote NZ website, or by phoning 0800 36 76 56. Enrolment is open up to 4pm on Friday 7 October 2022.

If you pay rates on property within the Council area but live outside that area you may be eligible to enrol as a ratepayer elector.

Voting system

Council uses the single transferable voting (STV) electoral system. Under STV, electors rank candidates according to preference, rather than ticking the names of the candidates they wish to vote for. Electors may rank as few or as many candidates as they wish, regardless of the number required to be elected. 

Postal voting

Elections are conducted by postal vote, with voting documents mailed to all electors whose names appear on the final electoral roll.

Special voting

Special voting is available to electors:

  • whose names do not appear on the final electoral roll, but who qualify as electors, i.e. the elector has enrolled after the closing of the electoral roll
  • who did not receive a voting document previously posted to them
  • who spoil or damage a voting document previously posted to them
  • whose names are on the unpublished electoral roll

For more information about how elections are held in Palmerston North, please contact our electoral officer, Warwick Lampp, phone 0800 398 683 or email