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Representation review

We've completed our review of how ratepayers and residents should be represented on Council, and Council has adopted its final proposal.

Infographic shows current Council makeup and the relationship between the public and elected representatives.

Infographic showing our current structure. Click on the magnifying glass to expand.

Every three years we hold local government elections – this is when we vote for a Mayor and Councillors.

Every six years we are required under the Local Electoral Act 2002 to review our representation arrangements – this is where we look at the structure of our elected members and how they are elected.

Specifically, a representation review looks at:

  • How many Councillors there should be
  • How Councillors are elected – city-wide, wards or a mixture of both. If wards, how many wards, and how many Councillors in each ward?
  • Should we have Community Boards, and if so, how many members should they have, and which areas should each cover?

Any adopted changes resulting from this review will apply to the 2019 local government elections.

On 24 October, the Council resolved that the following proposal apply for the elections to be held on 12 October 2019. 

Council representation: final proposal

The Council comprise 15 Councillors and the Mayor, all of whom are to be elected on a city-wide basis (that is, by the electors of the city as a whole), with no wards to be established.

This is no change to the present arrangements.

The Council considers Palmerston North comprises a single community of interest which covers the whole city. The city also comprises many secondary communities of interest based on individual suburbs and villages, but it would not be practicable for each community to be represented by an individual Councillor.

The proposed number of Councillors will enable the workload to be shared and will promote diversity.

Community board representation

No communities or community boards will be established in Palmerston North.

This is no change to the present arrangements. The Council is satisfied that the city does not include any communities that are sufficiently distinct to require representation of this nature.

Election arrangements confirmed

The Local Government Commission has upheld existing arrangements for the Palmerston North City Council elections in October.

The determination is available on the Local Government Commission website: