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Caccia Birch House review

The day-to-day management of Caccia Birch House, its grounds and coach house will be brought into Council by July 2022. This change follows community consultation.

Photo shows historic Caccia Birch homestead with its manicured grounds and the lagoon in the background.

Caccia Birch House is a popular venue for events, including private celebrations such as birthdays and weddings, and conferences and other business functions.

Next steps

The Caccia Birch Trust Board will be dissolved and Council will take over full responsibility for the management and delivery of Caccia Birch House as a venue for hire, while preserving its heritage value. This transition will be completed by July 2022.

Council is also considering ways to include ongoing community involvement in the in-house service delivery. A report proposing options for this involvement will be presented to the Arts, Culture & Heritage Committee by February 2022.


Caccia Birch House is a heritage site gifted to Palmerston North City Council by the Crown in 1984. The terms of the gift are that the property is restored and preserved and that public access and use is maintained.

We looked at a range of options for delivering Caccia Birch House as a venue for hire in the most cost-effective way. These options included:

  • Continuing with a Council-Controlled Organisation, run by the Caccia Birch Trust Board (status quo)
  • Bringing the management of Caccia Birch House into the Council (the preferred option)
  • Contracting the management of Caccia Birch House to a commercial person or agency
  • Contracting the management of Caccia Birch House to a community agency.

Some options were not considered because they are not consistent with the terms of the original gift. For instance, selling the property or converting it to another purpose.

The full analysis of these options, including the projected costs for each, is included in this document:

The deliberations report to the Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee on 5 May and the Council decision about the future of Caccia Birch House on 2 June are available on our agendas and minutes page.