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City centre rubbish and recycling collection day

We’re looking at changing the day for our city centre rubbish and recycling collection from Monday to Wednesday – and we'd like to hear any concerns you may have.

The collection area affected is in this map below. Please note, no other areas in town that have Monday collections will be impacted by this change.

Currently we collect city centre recycling on a Monday, but we’ve noticed that some residents and businesses are putting their recycling out as early as Friday afternoons.

This means our vibrant and attractive city centre has lots of rubbish and recycling on the footpath in the weekends, when we have more people in town shopping and enjoying the space. The other problem is that the cardboard is getting wet (which makes it hard to recycle) and the wind is blowing it around, which makes it a litter issue.

We’re looking at changing the collection day to Wednesday. This would mean most businesses are open, reducing litter over the weekends. We can’t change to another weekday, because our residential routes on those days are already at capacity.

We want to hear if you have any concerns about us changing the collection day to Wednesday.  

If we do make the change, we need to alter our bylaw. This means any change would occur after this summer. We’ll let you know about any change with plenty of notice.

Please note, these changes would only affect people who use Council rubbish bags and our once-a-week wheelie bin collection. If you pay for Council’s commercial recycling service, or one of our glass or food waste services, these changes won’t affect you.

If you have a rubbish or recycling service with a private commercial waste collector, you also won’t be affected by this change.

Have your say

We want to hear what you think about changing the city centre collection day to Wednesday.

Fill in the online form by 5pm Friday 10 December to let us know what you think. Fields marked * are mandatory.

We’ll be in touch again if the change comes into effect.

Options: commingled recycling (plastics, tins & cardboard), glass recycling, food waste