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Draft local alcohol policy submission form

Use this form to make a submission on Council's draft local alcohol policy.

Submissions are open until 4pm on Friday 9 October 2020.

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Please note, as required by legislation, your submission (including contact details) will be available to the public and media and on the Council website as part of the decision-making process, unless you request that these details be kept private. To keep your contact details confidential, please tick this box.
Submissions hearings are planned for November 2020.

Issuing further licences
A Local Alcohol Policy can include restrictions on whether to issue further licences, either generally or for certain types of licences.

Trading hours
The policy can set maximum trading hours that are different from the national maximum trading hours.

A Local Alcohol Policy can include restrictions on where new licensed premises can be located.

One-way door restrictions
A Local Alcohol Policy can impose a mandatory one-way door restriction on bars or taverns that would prevent people from entering the licensed premises after a certain time.

Discretionary conditions
A Local Alcohol Policy can include discretionary conditions, which the District Licensing Committee can choose to apply to a liquor licence when it is granted.

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