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Sustainability and government standards

Sustainability is a key factor in this project.

Our city’s population is growing and the value being placed on our environment is high. Through this project we are also exploring ways to reduce our wastewater before it goes into the wastewater network for treatment.

These will form part of all options as they are developed and refined. We are also looking at new ways to manage, move, and treat our wastewater.

We’ve taken some steps already – for example, Council’s new Pressure Sewer Policy will allow for pressure sewer systems to be installed in areas that would be difficult to service with a conventional gravity sewer system, and allow those areas to be connected to the sewer reticulation.

In addition to Nature Calls, Council is also implementing a range of other waste minimisation programmes, and improving education about ways the city can reduce waste. This will ultimately have an effect on reducing the volume of wastewater produced by the city.

All options would meet environmental and public health standards

We’re confident that all of the options we’re proposing would protect public health.

We’ll also ensure that any treatment method and discharge meets environmental regulations.

We’re working with some of the best environmental scientists and engineers to inform us how best to achieve these targets. These targets include eco-system impact, water quality and organisms that live in water or land.