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The 2020 options

In 2020 we asked you to choose from six options for discharging treated water to a range of environments: the Manawatū River, land, groundwater, and the ocean. Many of the options include a hybrid, where there would be a combination of different discharge locations.

Each option would see the wastewater treated at our current treatment plant in Tōtara Road. However the plant would require upgrades for all options. This could change if we find that it may be cheaper or better for the environment to move the treatment plant closer to the discharge site.

All river discharge would include a wetland or land passage facility.

We have several final outcomes for these options

  • Protects public health and minimises public health risks.
  • Minimises adverse environmental effects on air, land and water.
  • Is sustainable, enduring, and resilient.
  • Contributes to improving the health and mauri of the Manawatū River.
  • Takes an integrated approach to the management of the Manawatū River catchment including understanding cumulative effects.
  • Enhances people’s use and enjoyment of the Manawatū River.
  • Is affordable and cost effective.
  • Minimises whole-of-life carbon emissions and optimises resource recovery.
  • Is innovative while being evidence based.
  • Facilitates long term growth and economic development.
  • Is developed with the active engagement of the community and key stakeholders.

How did we get here?

Over the past 18 months we’ve spent a lot of time engaging experts and local mana whenua, Rangitāne, to determine how we might manage, treat and discharge wastewater.

Initially we identified 36 different options. A robust assessment and testing process considered a range of environmental, cultural, economic and social factors. We were able to bring the options down to six as most had a major problem – such as: cost prohibitive, wouldn’t meet regulations etc.

What now?

This website will take you through each of the options. Then we want you to tell us which one you prefer. Your views will be collected and reported to Palmerston North City Council to help us decide what option to proceed with.

A formal submission process under the Resource Management Act will take place in a couple of years once we have lodged a resource consent application with Horizons Regional Council.

The six options that we want you to have your say on