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Trade waste and Nature Calls

The impact of this project on our trade waste customers.

Trade waste is the liquid wastewater businesses discharge into the wastewater system. Trade waste can contain substances which are detrimental to the wastewater system, treatment plant processes and the environment, and to the health and safety of people working in wastewater plants.

Under Council’s Wastewater Bylaw, our trade waste customers must obtain a consent to discharge wastewater into the network. Often a charge is associated with this discharge, depending on the nature of the discharge. Depending on the option selected as the best practicable option, these charges are likely to change.

Council is also seeking greater investment in pre-treatment of trade waste, before it is discharged into the network. Implementing pre-treatment at source has multiple benefits. It reduces the contaminant loads entering the treatment plant, and reduces the costs to customers and Council.

Because the needs of our trade waste customers differ between industry sectors, we will continue to work with our trade waste customers to explore the optimal approach to managing trade waste.

If you are a trade waste customer, and have questions, please email the BPO Project Manager on