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What happens after consultation?

The next step is determining the best practicable option.

In late 2020, we will take your feedback as well as technical investigations, affordability, environmental impacts and a range of other material to Council as we recommend a best practicable option for the future treatment and discharge of the city’s wastewater.

Once an option is chosen to proceed with, we’ll be working on the formal resource consent application, which includes preparing an Assessment of Environmental Effects. This should take about 18 months to prepare.

We need to lodge the resource consent application and assessment with Horizons Regional Council before June 2022.

Horizons Regional Council will assess the application and may approve it as is, with consent conditions, or decline the application. It is likely that the consent application will be publicly notified.

Once the consent is granted, we will be required to adhere to the conditions. The consent will confirm where the treated wastewater will be discharged to, how much can be discharged, what level of treatment is needed, and monitoring and reporting requirements.