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10YP document library

On this page you'll find all the documents related to this 10-Year Plan consultation, including the consultation document, draft strategies, plans and policies, and our asset management plans.

Consultation resources

Photo is an infographic in te reo Māori and English that shows how the plans and strategies relate to council's vision and goals.

This diagram shows how everything the Council is proposing contributes to our vision and goals. Tap the magnifying glass to expand.

Draft strategies and plans

As part of the overall 10-Year Plan, we're seeking your views on the following strategies, plans and policies. These all contribute to the vision: He iti rā, he iti pounamu. Small city benefits, big city ambition. They are organised here according to our goals.

Whāinga 1: He tāone auaha, he tāone tiputipu

Whāinga 2: He tāone whakaihiihi, tapatapahi ana

Whāinga 3: He hapori tūhonohono, he hapori haumaru

Whāinga 4: He tāone tautaiao

Whāinga 5: He Kaunihera ahunui, whakamana i te iwi

Draft asset management plans

We are also seeking your views on...

Nature Calls and the strategies and policies listed below.

Financial Strategy

This sets out how Council will prudently and sustainably manage its finances in the long term.

Infrastructure Strategy

This sets out how Council will prudently and sustainably develop and manage its infrastructure in the long term. 

Development Contributions Policy

This sets out how developers will be charged for infrastructure capacity improvements due to growth.

Revenue and Financing Policy

This explains how Council’s activities (services like emergency management, water, and active transport) will be funded – in particular, whether they are funded by rates or fees.

Significance and Engagement Policy

This policy sets out how Council decides on the importance of any issues it is consulting on – which then determines how we consult on it. It also lists Council's strategic assets.