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He hapori tūhonohono, he hapori haumaru | A connected and safe community

Whāinga 3 | Goal 3

Our goal is for Palmerston North to be a city where everyone feels connected and included. We want to be a safe city, where people have access to the housing they need and opportunities to connect with others. We want communities to have access to accessible and appropriate social support.

We understand that we need to work with our partners towards achieving our shared goals. We can achieve better outcomes with our communities by working effectively together.

We want to...

  • Provide city libraries that reflect the diverse and changing needs of our communities
  • Support community centre management groups to provide community centres
  • Provide public toilets throughout the city, to a standard that meets community expectations
  • Provide cemetery services that are responsive to community needs
  • Provide more social housing
  • Support and fund communities and organisations
  • Provide and support a full community events calendar
  • Help communities get ready for Civil Defence and emergency situations
  • Enforce bylaws and legislation relating to the supply and sale of alcohol, stray and aggressive dogs, keeping animals, food and commercial premises, gambling, and noise




1459: Build additional social housing units built to Healthy Homes Standard $7,002,000 3-5
1743: Build stage three of social housing units at Papaioea Place $5,075,000 1-2
161: New public toilets $1,385,000 1,3,5,7 & 9
1898: Citywide community facilities stocktake and needs assessment $100,000 OP 1
1941: Removing overdue library fines for youth and children $368,000 (reduction in OP revenue) 1-10

Te mahitahi me Rangitāne o Manawatū | Rangitāne o Manawatū partnership

We are committed to work alongside Rangitāne o Manawatū to achieve all our goals, in acknowledgement of their status and responsibilities as mana whenua.

Draft strategy and plans related to this goal

We are also consulting on these.