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He tāone whakaihiihi, tapatapahi ana | A creative and exciting city

Whāinga 2 | Goal 2

Our goal is for Palmerston North to be a creative and exciting place to live. We want to offer a great lifestyle in a city that reflects the diversity of city communities.

We want to support the arts to flourish and our cultural institutions to thrive as they respond to our communities’ needs and interests. We want everyone to have opportunities to be active and to experience the advantages of a big city without hassle and cost.

We want to...

  • Provide accessible and well-maintained play, active recreation and sports facilities

  • Support art organisations and cultural Council-Controlled Organisations (CCOs)

  • Provide seed funding and support for people to improve public spaces

  • Ensure Rangitāne o Manawatū history and aspirations are expressed in the city landscape

  • Promote and celebrate local history and heritage buildings




1686: Streets for People: continue the street improvements around the city centre so they are more pedestrian friendly, with more mini event spaces and improved public transport (ie as in Cuba Street and the Plaza to Main Street):

Half of this would be funded by NZTA:

1-8 as detailed below:

  • Square East



  • Broadway



  • Rangitikei Street



  • Square West



  • Square North



  • Church Street



  • Inner Square



1949: Civic and Cultural Precinct Masterplan: includes reviewing options tor the Central Library and Te Manawa. Broad options are to fix the current buildings,  build new ones (possibly one building for the library and museum combined) or lease buildings.

$250,000 OP


1424: Active Community Access Fund: to help subsidise sports fees for people on low incomes.

$113,000 OP


990: Central Energy Trust Arena: southern grandstand. 

$13,478,000 (dependent on two thirds of this being raised externally)


2006: City Centre Play: provide permanent play equipment in the city centre



1852: Closing levels of service gaps for reserves to make sure similar reserves across the country have similar standards of play equipment, shade, seating etc.



1899: Aquatic facilities and water recreation: preliminary feasibility study

$104,000 OP


1838 & 2012: Two-stage programme to replace the exotic aviaries at the Esplanade to improve visitor experience and meet modern bird health standards

$834,000 (stage one)

$601,000 (stage two)

1-2, 6-7

902: Seismic strengthening of Council properties (most of which are arts and culture buildings, including the Regent, Te Manawa, Central Library and Caccia Birch, plus the Civic Administration Building). 



Te mahitahi me Rangitāne o Manawatū | Rangitāne o Manawatū partnership

We are committed to work alongside Rangitāne o Manawatū to achieve all our goals, in acknowledgement of their status and responsibilities as mana whenua.

Draft strategy and plans related to this goal

We are also consulting on these.