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Proposed lease: Otira Park

We'd like to know whether you think we should extend the Palmerston North Pony Club’s lease on Otira Park. Submissions are open until 4pm on Monday 7 December.

Photo shows satellite map of Otira Park and surrounding streets, with the proposed lease area marked out in red.

The proposed lease area at Otira Park.

The Pony Club has used the site since the 1970s. It currently leases close to 44,000 square metres.

The club uses the area for games, jumping, dressage and theory for members aged between five and 25 years old.

There is a walkway neighbouring the lease area for public access to and through Otira Park.

The lease period being considered is for three years.

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This proposal was presented to Council's finance & audit committee on 21 October.

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