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Representation review

We're currently reviewing how you're represented on Council, and how the establishment of a Māori ward affects other representation arrangements. Submissions are open until 4pm on Monday 6 September.

Under the Local Electoral Act 2002, a representation review looks at our representation arrangements – the structure of our elected members and how they are elected.

What we're proposing

We’ve put together an initial proposal from feedback received during early engagement with our community. We think the proposal delivers fair and effective representation, but we need more input from you to make sure we've got it right for everyone.

The initial proposal is:

  • 15 councillors and 1 mayor
  • 13 councillors to be elected by general electoral roll voters in Te Hirawanui General Ward
  • 2 councillors to be elected by Māori electoral roll voters in the Te Pūao Māori Ward
  • to remain an “at-large” Council, where councillors represent the whole city
  • not to establish any geographic wards
  • not to establish any Community Boards.

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Photo shows map of the Palmerston North city electoral boundary, which includes the rural villages of Ashhurst, Bunnythorpe, Linton and Longburn, as well as the urban area.

Palmerston North city local electoral boundary.

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The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday 21 September.

We're proposing to have 15 councillors
This means 2 councillors will be elected from the Te Pūao Māori Ward and 13 from the Te Hirawanui General Ward. The Mayor will be elected at-large.

We're proposing to remain at-large for the basis of our election
This means we are not proposing to divide the city into any geographic wards. Electors will vote from across the city for their preferred candidate standing in either the Te Pūao Māori Ward (for those on the Māori Electoral Roll) or the Te Hirawanui General Ward (for those on the General Electoral Roll).

We're not proposing to establish any community boards
Because Palmerston North has one large community of interest, we don’t think that there are communities in or around the city that are so different or separate from one another that they would need a community board to represent them.

Do you have any other thoughts or comments you'd like to share with us?