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Victoria Esplanade hospitality review

We asked you whether you think the Victoria Esplanade needs more food and drink options.

Photo shows three small boys eating icecreams under the palm trees in the Esplanade.

Currently, the Esplanade Café is the only place where food or drink can be purchased at the park, other than at Council approved events. We’re now reviewing that.

With the introduction of Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery, the Junior Road Safety Park, He Ara Kotahi and more people visiting the river, Victoria Esplanade is busier than it’s ever been, and we’re expecting that trend to continue.

With this growth we need to ensure we have the right services available, that they’re in the right place, and meet the needs of our park users.

Feedback won’t affect future of Esplanade Café

This review is not about the food available at The Esplanade Café, as that is a matter for its owner to determine.

We have no intention of waving goodbye to the café!

Next steps

Feedback closed at 5pm on Friday 16 July. Thanks to everyone who had a say. Your feedback will be summarised into a report for Council to consider. We expect that to happen before November 2021.