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Clause 20(2) of the first schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991 - District Plan update: Plan Change D – Pressure Sewer System - operative

Thursday March 18 2021

Plan Change D to the Palmerston North City District Plan was approved by resolution of the Palmerston North City Council on 3 March 2021. Plan Change D will become operative on 18 March 2021.

The purpose of Plan Change D was to review the District Plan’s issues, objectives, policies, rules and assessment criteria to:

  • Signal to the development community that pressure sewer systems are the only means of sewage disposal in identified areas.
  • Allow for pressure systems outside of the identified areas where appropriate
  • Ensure Plan provisions are clear
  • Ensure provisions clearly articulate the Council’s expectations

 Plan Change D affects the following sections of the District Plan:

  • Section 4 – Definitions
  • Section 7 – Subdivision

 Changes to District Plan are as follows:

  • New definitions for Pressure Sewer Systems and Pressure Sewer Areas
  • New issue inserted referring to pressure sewer systems
  • An amendment to existing objective 3 to include reference to pressure sewer systems
  • An amendment to existing policy 2.7 to outline the use of pressure sewer systems, and the introduction of consent notices to be used in relation to allotments reticulated with a pressure sewer system
  • Amends the existing essential services standard to include reference to pressure sewer systems in pressure sewer areas.

 Any enquiries regarding Plan Change D should be directed to Victoria Edmonds on (06) 356 8199 or email