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District Plan change: Proposed plan change D

Tuesday November 5 2019

Palmerston North City Council has prepared a proposed change to the Palmerston North City District Plan and is calling for submissions. Pursuant to Clause 5 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991, the Palmerston North City Council gives notice of proposed plan change D: Pressure sewer systems.

Please Note: If you are a property owner with tenants or occupiers other than yourself, please ensure the occupiers of your property are made aware of the public notification of proposed plan change D.

Description and scope of proposed plan change D: Pressure sewer systems

Proposed plan change D seeks to review the District Plans issues, objectives, policies, rules and assessment criteria to:

  • Signal to the development community that pressure sewer systems are the only means of sewage disposal in the identified areas
  • Allow for pressure sewer systems outside of identified areas where appropriate
  • Ensure Plan provisions are clear
  • Ensure provisions clearly articulate Council's expectations

The proposed changes are summarised as follows:

Changes to District Plan section 4: Definitions

  • New definitions for pressure sewer system and pressure sewer areas

Changes to District Plan section 7: Subdivision

  • New issue inserted referring pressure sewer systems
  • An amendment to existing objective three to include reference to pressure sewer systems
  • An amendment to existing policy 2.7 to outline the use of pressure sewer systems, and the introduction of consent notices to be used in relation to allotments reticulated with a pressure sewer system
  • Amends the existing essential services standard to include reference to pressure sewer systems in pressure sewer areas.

Enquiries about proposed plan change D

Enquiries about proposed plan change B can be made to Victoria Edmonds, Planner, on phone 06 356 8199 or email

Viewing proposed plan change D

Proposed plan change D is available for viewing at the following offices when these offices are open to the public:

  • Customer Service Centre, Palmerston North City Council, Civic Administration Building, The Square, Palmerston North
  • Palmerston North Central Library, (2nd Floor, NZ Pacific Islands Zone), The Square, Palmerston North
  • Roslyn Library (Vogel Street), Awapuni Library (College Street), Te Pātikitiki (Highbury Avenue), Palmerston North
  • Ashhurst Library, corner Cambridge Avenue and Bamfield Street, Ashhurst
  • Mobile Library
  • Linton Army Camp Library, Puttick Road, Linton.

All information, factsheets and submission forms are also available on the Council’s website:

Making submissions to proposed plan change D

Anyone may make a submission on proposed plan change B to the Palmerston North City District Plan.

Submissions must be in writing on the form prescribed (Form 5) in the Resource Management (Forms) Regulations 2003 or similar, including submissions via email. Submissions lodged by email do not require a signature. The closing date for submissions to proposed plan change D is 4pm, Wednesday 4 December 2019. Submission
forms are available at the above offices or can be downloaded from the Council website and must be lodged with the Council by one of the following options:

Posted to: 
Democracy Support Officer 
Strategy & Planning 
Palmerston North City Council 
Private Bag 11-034
Palmerston North

Delivered to:
Democracy Support Officer
Strategy & Planning
c/- Customer Service Centre
Palmerston North City Council
Palmerston North

Emailed to:

Once the closing date for submissions has passed, all submissions received will be summarised and made available to the public. Anyone wishing to support or oppose any of these submissions can do so. Council will then hold a hearing for the Plan Change to consider submissions that have been lodged and issue decisions on the matters raised. Anyone who has made a submission and indicated that they wish to be heard can attend the hearing and present their submission. On receiving notice of a decision on their submission, any submitter who disagrees with or is dissatisfied with the decision made may refer the decision to the Environment Court for further consideration.