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Fees and charges for environmental health, building, animal impounding, burial and cremation

Thursday June 10 2021

The Council has reviewed its fees and charges for a range of services and hereby gives public notice of the results of that review, which were adopted by resolution at a meeting of the Council on 7 April 2021. These new fees and charges will be effective from 1 July 2021.

Fees and charges for environmental health, building, animal impounding, and burial and cremation will be increased by approximately 2%.

Copies of the detailed fees and charges can be inspected and/or obtained through the Council’s website or at the Customer Services Centre, Civic Administration Building, The Square, Palmerston North.

Dog registration fees for 2021-22

Dog Registration fees are imposed under the Dog Control Act and are necessary to recover the cost to the Palmerston North City Council of providing animal control services.

The fees for 2021-22 (GST inclusive) are as follows:

Work type

Standard fee if paid by 1 August 2021

Total fee (including penalty) if paid after 1 August 2021

General registration $148 $222
General registration (desexed dog) $110 $165
Preferred owner $88 $130
Preferred owner application $60  
Rural working $51 $76.50
Disability assist $nil $nil
Certified for use by specified agency $nil $nil

Dog registration fees are set under the Dog Control Act 1996. Disability assist and specified agency are as defined in section 2 of the Act.