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Hearing under the sale and supply of alcohol act 2012 - 25 November 2021

Any person who claims an interest in these proceedings must, no later than Wednesday 17 November 2021, file with the Secretary of the Committee:

  • The grounds for that interest.
  • One copy of any statement, document, or other information for the Committee to consider.
  • Confirming that they wish to appear in person and give evidence at the hearing.
  • Advice of their address for communication, telephone number and, where available, email address.

The Committee will provide copies of all submitted documents to other parties.

If such persons do not appear in person, or by counsel, the matter may be heard and determined in their absence.

Date and time of hearing Thursday 25 November 2021 commencing at 9.00am
The venue for the hearing will be: Conference & Function Centre
354 Main Street
Palmerston North
Application 1: Application by Hong Jia Limited for an On Licence Renewal with variation of conditions in respect of premises known as The Office Bar situated at 522 Main Street, Palmerston North
Application 2: Application by Yang Wang (Martin) for a Renewal of Manager’s Certificate

Dated at Palmerston North this 9th day of November 2021

Natalya Kushnirenko
Democracy and Governance Administrator
on behalf of the Secretary of the
Palmerston North District Licensing Committee
Tel:  06 356 8199