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Proposal to grant a lease under the Reserves Act 1977: Palmerston North Pony Club

Wednesday November 4 2020

The Palmerston North City Council is considering granting a lease under Section 54(1)(a) of the Reserves Act 1977 of recreation reserve lands to Palmerston North Pony Club Branch Incorporated, for land at 22 Totara Road.

Submissions are open until Monday 7 December 2020.

The pony club has been operating its club activities at Otira Park, 22 Totara Road, Palmerston North on a month-to-month tenancy since 1990. The proposal is to set up a formal lease for a three-year term. 

The area affected by the proposed lease for the pony club is described as part of Section 1732 TN of Palmerston North, part of Section 1737 TN of Palmerston North, part of Section 1 SO 27741 and Part Lot 1 DP 3063. 

Further information can be found on Council's website at

Submissions or objections are now being sought from any person or organisation with respect to this proposal. 

Those making a submission or objection should do so in writing and specify whether they wish to appear before and be heard by a Council committee in support of their submission or objection. 

Palmerston North City Council
Attn: Manager Democracy & Governance
Private Bag 11034


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