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Consultation on the draft stormwater bylaw 2022

Make a submission by 4pm on Tuesday 23 November 2021

The draft Stormwater Bylaw includes a number of changes. These include:

  • Introducing new requirements for owners of private stormwater systems to operate and maintain these systems in a way that does not cause nuisance such as flooding or result in damage to the public stormwater network.
  • Introducing a requirement for the removal or de-commissioning of redundant private stormwater systems to prevent damage to the public stormwater network.
  • Requiring that any discharge of contaminants to the public stormwater system must pass through an approved stormwater treatment measure.
  • Clarifying the difference between Stormwater Management Plans required under the land development process, and Stormwater Contamination Mitigation Plans required by the Bylaw.
  • Clarifying expectations that in the event of a discharge of contaminants to the public stormwater network that the owner or occupier is required to contact Council immediately and put in place temporary measures to prevent recurrence or continuation of the contamination.

For more information please read the Statement of Proposal which includes the draft Stormwater Bylaw 2022 in full. This is available by clicking this link   Printed copies of the Statement of Proposal are also available at the Customer Service Centre (Civic Administration Building, The Square) or at any of our libraries on The Square, or at Ashhurst, Roslyn, Awapuni, Te Pātikitiki/Highbury, or Linton, or call 356 8199 to have a copy sent to you.

You can make a written submission until 4pm Tuesday 23 November 2021. This can be done using the online form on by clicking on this link or simply email your submission to  If you would prefer to make a written submission, there is a form available at the Customer Service Centre or at our libraries. You can also call 356 8199 and have your submission recorded for you. Written submissions can be hand delivered to the Customer Service Centre or mailed to:

Draft Stormwater Bylaw 2022 Submissions
Legal & Governance
Palmerston North City Council
Private Bag 11034
Palmerston North 4442

The Council will consider all the submissions it receives. Please make sure that your submission includes your name and address, including a daytime phone number or your email address. Please also state if you want to make an oral submission as well. The Council is planning to hear oral submissions in February 2022. We will write to you after the submission period has closed with more information about the hearings.

Any queries about the draft Stormwater Bylaw or the consultation process should be made to Ann-Marie Mori on 06 356 8199 or email