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Public notification of summary of submissions: Proposed Whiskey Creek private plan change

Monday December 6 2021

The Palmerston North City Council gives notice as required by Clause 7 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991, of the availability of a summary of decisions requested by people making submissions to Proposed Whiskey Creek Private Plan Change.

The Council has received 26 original submissions on the proposed Whiskey Creek residential area private plan change.

The plan change seeks to rezone 13 hectares of land at 611 Rangitikei Line from Rural Zone to Residential Zone and 10 hectares of land from Rural Zone to Recreation Zone. The land would then be developed as a Residential Area.

The summary of decisions requested in the original submissions and the original submissions themselves, are available for inspection at the following locations when these facilities are open to the public:

  • Palmerston North City Council Customer Service Centre, 32 The Square
  • Any branch of the Palmerston North City Library (Ashhurst, Awapuni, Central, Highbury, Roslyn and the mobile library)
  • Linton Army Camp

Palmerston North City Council is now calling for further submissions in support of, or in opposition to, the submissions lodged to the Whiskey Creek Proposed Plan Change. Under clause 8 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991, the following parties may make a further submission either supporting or opposing submissions made on this plan change:

  • any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest
  • any person who has an interest in the proposed plan change that is greater than that of the general public
  • Palmerston North City Council itself.

Further submissions must be in writing in the form prescribed (Form 6) in the Resource Management (Forms) Regulations 2003 or similar, including submissions via email. Further submissions lodged by way of e-mail do not require a signature.

Further submission forms are available online, at the above offices or can be downloaded from the Council website:

The closing date for making further submissions is 4pm, 17 December 2021

Submissions to the plan change must be lodged to the Council by one of the following options.

Email: Put Whiskey Creek Private Plan Change in the subject line
Post: Democracy & Governance, Palmerston North City Council, Private Bag 11-034 Palmerston North
Delivery: Democracy & Governance, Palmerston North City Council Customer Service Centre, 32 The Square, Palmerston North

Once the closing date for lodging further submissions has passed, the Council will convene hearings to consider submissions and further submissions that have been lodged and issue decisions on the matters raised. Anyone who has made a submission or further submission and who has indicated that they wish to be heard will have the right to attend the hearings and present their submission. On receiving notice of a decision on their submission, any person who disagrees with or is dissatisfied with the decisions made may refer the decision to the Environment Court for further consideration.

Important: Anyone making a further submission to Proposed Whiskey Creek Private Plan Change must serve a copy of their further submission on the person who made the original submission within five working days of lodging their further submission with the Council.

Enquiries about the Whiskey Creek Private Plan Change can be made to Craig Auckram, Senior Planner on phone 06 356 8199 or email: