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10 Year Plan

Our current 10 Year Plan 2015-25 was adopted on 24 June 2015. It is a long-term plan, setting out what Council will do for residents over a decade.

We prepare a new 10 Year Plan in consultation with residents every three years. You can download the current plan and the two previous plans from the bottom of this page.

The next 10 Year Plan is coming up this year and we will be asking for your feedback soon. It will cover Council activities across 2018-2028. Keep an eye out for more information coming your way, but for now, here are some key dates to take note of.

Dates to note

  • 19 March: Submissions open on the Plan
  • 23 April: Submissions close on the Plan
  • 9-16 May: Hearings
  • 28-29 May: Committee of Council considers submissions
  • 25 June: Council adopts 10 Year Plan

What Council does can be divided into three groups:

Providing services

We provide a wide range of services that people rely on every day. For example, water, roads and footpaths, health inspections, parks and libraries. Many of them are about keeping people and the environment healthy and safe. People don't really notice these services because they are just an expected part of their everyday lives. But they would be very hard to live without and we do put a lot of effort in to providing them. Page 62 of the plan shows our current services and their daily costs. We think they provide real value for money and the feedback we got from people through the consultation on the Plan supports this.


We provide most of the city's infrastructure: roads, pipes, treatment plants, sports facilities, library buildings and so on. Our day to day services depend on this infrastructure so it is really important that we keep it all in good condition and don't let it fail. This is called renewals. People also don't really notice the renewals happening (if we didn't do it and pipes started breaking then people would notice) but they are expensive. We've been renewing our infrastructure so it's in good condition, but in our consultation on the plan we said we need to spend a bit more on renewals in the future, especially for water and wastewater. People supported this in their comments back to us.

City improvement projects

These are the new projects that make Palmerston North an even better place to live. People notice these things. Some of them are big citywide projects like our shared cycle paths and walkways. Other projects are smaller local improvements like new footpaths around Ashhurst School and a new community hub at Kelvin Grove. We are also planning and bringing forward CBD improvements to improve the prosperity of the Square and Broadway. Another big focus is improving the health of the Manawatū River (for more information see pages 4-5 of the plan).

The 10 Year Plan is based on our financial and infrastructure strategies. Our financial strategy provides a framework which guides Council's decision making in a financially responsible and transparent way. Our infrastructure strategy sets out how and why we will invest in roading, stormwater, wastewater, and water over the next 30 years.

It is also based on public feedback. Nearly 650 people commented on our 10 Year Plan Consultation Document. The Council carefully considered all of these comments when it finalised the plan.