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District Plan

The District Plan outlines what people can do with their land in the city and whether or not they require Council approval.

In statutory terms the role of the District Plan is defined as controlling the effects of the use, development and protection of land within the context of promoting sustainable management. Put simply, the District Plan sets the scene in terms of what people can  do with their land in the City and whether or not they require Council approval.

Operative District Plan

Important Information for Plan Users:

The District Plan is currently under review in a project called Shaping Our City.   Some sections of the District Plan 

  • must be treated as operative pursuant to Section 86F of the Resource Management Act 1991; or
  • have legal effect but are not considered operative because they have been appealed.

This applies to the following Plan Changes:

Please contact Council’s regulatory planners on 06 356 8199 to confirm the status of provisions as they apply to your development or activity.  

Volume one:

Table of Contents

Section 1: General Introduction

Section 2: City View Objectives

Section 3: Tangata Whenua and Resource Management

Section 4: Definitions 

Section 5: Information Requirements

Section 6: General Rules

Section 7: Subdivision 

Section 7A: Whakarongo Residential Area

Section 9: Rural Zone

Section 10: Residential Zone

Section 11: Business Zones

Section 12: Industrial Zone

Section 12A: North East Industrial Zone 

Section 13: Airport Zone

Section 14: Hazardous Substances

Section 15: Recreation

Section 16: Caccia Birch

Section 17: Cultural and Natural Heritage

Section 19: Institutional Zone 

Section 20: Transportation

Section 21: Race Training Zone

Section 22: Natural Hazards

Section 23: Utilities  

Section 24: Designations  

Section 25: Monitoring

Volume two: Design guidelines and supplementary information

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