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Residential Growth Strategy

To prepare this strategy Council did a comprehensive assessment of 18 potential residential growth locations around the City, including Ashhurst. As a result of the study, sites at Anders Road, the racecourse and Kelvin Grove were recommended as preferred locations for future residential growth.

Each residential growth option was assessed against a set of 15 growth objectives covering environmental, economic, and social / cultural matters. The outcome of the evaluation was that the sites of Anders Road, Racecourse and Kelvin Grove were recommended as the preferred locations for future residential growth.

These sites are the only ones which offer the ability to maintain the compact form of the City and offer the opportunity to use alternatives to car based transport. They provide a balance of growth to the east and west of the City in areas that are close to the existing urban areas and can be readily serviced. They will also provide for a range of housing types and affordability.

Council approved these three sites as the residential growth options and instructed officers to complete more detailed feasibility studies. These studies examined flood risk, soil quality and infrastructure provision.

The results of the work and feasibility studies undertaken in the last two years informed the final Residential Growth Strategy, dated September 2010. Council adopted the Residential Growth Strategy at its meeting on 30 September 2010 confirming the three preferred growth areas of Anders Road, Racecourse and Kelvin Grove. A map of these areas, together with the strategy document, is available following the links below.

Next steps

Following on from the Council decision in September 2010 to approve the Residential Growth Strategy, officers are now preparing a change to the District Plan covering the three areas. The Plan Change will include new provisions for residential development in each area, change the district plan zoning from rural to residential and will include a structure plan illustrating where housing, roads, open space and local shops should be located.

We will be consulting on a draft plan change and structure plan prior to formal notification under the Resource Management Act. We envisage draft plan change consultation to occur in April-May 2011.