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Rural Residential Land Use Strategy

The Land Use Strategy aims to guide rural residential development over 10 years from 2012.

This strategy seeks to provide for rural residential land subdivision and development in a manner and at a threshold that supports rural community development, does not compromise the future productivity of highly versatile soils, and is economically sustainable for Council in its role as an infrastructure provider.

It is a strategic planning document that:

  • Establishes a land use hierarchy and a management framework for rural and rural residential land use over 10 years from 2012
  • Sets out the key development principles for each type of landuse category, so that development is sustainable and preserves the unique environmental qualitites and amenity character of our rural lands
  • Provides a high-level overview of how and where future rural residential development should be provided, in order to meet market demand - including what should be protected and how
  • Provides a framework for developing new rural zone objectives and regulatory controls in the District Plan
  • Is a core component of the City's overall Residential Growth Strategy and provides a reference to other documents used to guide development in the City and rural environs.

Council adopted this strategy in May 2012.