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Urban Design Strategy

The Urban Design Strategy is a vision for the physical development of Palmerston North. It identifies five key principles that will contribute toward positive change in the city.

  1. Public Realm: Creating vibrant and distinctive places for people
  2. Diversity: Providing choice in terms of lifestyle
  3. Connectivity: Easy access to amenities
  4. Character: Celebrating what is unique about a place
  5. Environmental: Embracing sustainability

Council adopted this strategy in September 2010.

Implementing the strategy

These principles will be achieved by the implementation of eight urban design initiatives.

  1. City Centre Framework
  2. Street Designs
  3. Manawatū River Framework
  4. District Plan Design Criteria
  5. Placemaking
  6. Structure Plans
  7. Urban Design Tools
  8. Delivering Change programme

What is urban design?

Urban design is the design of the buildings, places, spaces and networks that make up our towns and cities, and the ways people use them.

Urban Design Protocol

Urban design is a multidisciplinary process that works at a range of scales: region, city, street, public space or single building. It's concerned with built form and the environmental, economic, social and cultural consequences of design. Urban design is an approach that draws together many different sectors and professions, and it includes both the process of decision-making as well as the outcomes of design.


For more information about urban design in Palmerston North, contact Council Urban Designer, Dave Charnley. Email or call him on 06 356 8199