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Building warrants of fitness and independent qualified persons

A building warrant of fitness is a building owner’s annual statement confirming the specified systems for their building have been maintained and checked for the previous 12 months in accordance with the compliance schedule. Building owners may need to engage independent qualified persons (IQPs) to carry out this work.

Building owner responsibilities

Where a compliance schedule has been issued for a building, the building owner must provide a building warrant of fitness (BWoF) to Council on each anniversary of the issuing of their building’s compliance schedule. This verifies that the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures of the compliance schedule have been fully complied with for the previous 12 months. For the first year, you must display the compliance schedule statement in a public place in the building.

A copy of each certificate (Form 12A) issued by the IQP for each of the specified systems, along with any recommendations for amending the compliance schedule, must be attached to the BWoF provided to Council.

The prescribed BWoF form in the Building (Forms) Regulations 2004 must be used to provide all required information to Council including:

  • building owner
  • building location
  • current lawfully established use, including number of occupants per level and per use (of more than one)
  • original date the building was constructed
  • the highest fire risk category for building use (if applicable).

A copy of the building warrant of fitness must be displayed in a public place in the building.


As well as inspections by independently qualified persons, building owners may need to do regular inspections. You’ll need to keep the following records for two years for auditing purposes:

  • inspections by independently qualified persons
  • inspections by the owner
  • the compliance schedule

Managing your building warrant of fitness

For more about managing your BWoF, please refer to the comprehensive guidance on the government's Building Performance website. It includes information about:

  • building owner obligations
  • keeping records
  • displaying building warrants of fitness
  • BWoF documentation
  • engaging independent qualified persons

Independent qualified persons

Building owners are required to engage independent qualified persons (IQPs) who will undertake the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures listed on the compliance schedule and issue certificates of compliance. 

Building owners must obtain certificate(s) from IQP(s) verifying that the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures for each specified system have been fully complied with. The certificates are issued on Form 12A of the Building (Forms) Regulations 2004, which is called certificate of compliance with inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures

The number of certificates you need to obtain will depend on the number of specified systems in the building and the number of IQPs required to carry out the procedures. For example, if an IQP is carrying out the procedures for all specified systems in a building, because he or she is registered by the territorial authority to do so, then he or she may issue one certificate covering all specified systems. However, if several IQPs are required then they will each issue a certificate, covering only the specified system or procedure they are verifying.

There may also be scenarios where more than one IQP has carried out procedures for one specified system. For example, one IQP is engaged for the first six months and another IQP for the final six months of the compliance schedule year. In this type of scenario, each IQP should issue a certificate covering the period of time they carried out procedures within (unless another arrangement has been made).

Independent qualified persons register

Palmerston North City Council and Manawatū District Council have a joint IQP register, which identifies people who are qualified to inspect and carry out maintenance work on specified systems. To obtain details of IQPs on the register, please contact us on 06 356 8199.

All IQPs must be registered with Council. You can apply to either Palmerston North City Council or Manawatū District Council and pay one fee for registration with both.