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Ways to pay your rates

There are many ways to pay your rates in Palmerston North. Find out when your rates are due and choose a payment option that suits you.

We invoice rates quarterly: on 1 August, 1 November, 1 February and 1 May every year.

Ways to pay your rates

2019-20 rates due and payable

Instalment number

Invoice issued

Last day for payment to avoid penalty

One 1 August 2019 30 August 2019
Two 1 November 2019 29 November 2019
Three 1 February 2020 28 February 2020
Four 1 May 2020 29 May 2020

Rates penalties

We impose additional charges if you do not pay your rates by the due date. The penalty is 10 per cent of the outstanding amount. You will incur additional charges every six months until your rates arrears and penalties are paid in full.

If you think you may have trouble paying your rates on time, please call our Customer Service team on 06 356 8199 

Rates Easy Pay (direct debit)

What is Rates Easy Pay?

Rates Easy Pay is the easy way to pay your rates bill. You can choose the frequency of your payment: weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

What are the benefits?

  • No standing in queues
  • No forgetting to pay
  • No cheques or postage
  • No large cash payments

How does it work?

When you join the Rates Easy Pay system you will receive a letter confirming your bank account details, start date and payment frequency. Your rates will be automatically paid out of your bank account.

You keep full control over your method of payment and can change the frequency or cancel your Rates Easy Pay arrangement at any time.

Any changes to your rates will be adjusted automatically – you don't have to visit the bank to make a change.

If you sell your property and buy a new one, you'll need to fill in a new application form.

Internet or telephone banking

You can use internet or telephone banking to pay your rates. For either of these options:

  • Identify "Palmerston North City Council" as the creditor
  • Specify your rates valuation reference number

Palmerston North City Council should already be set up as a bill payee with your bank. The account number is 03-0726-0330770-00 but in most cases you won't have to type it in manually, you can just quote "Palmerston North City Council".

If you sell your property and purchase another you will need to change the reference you use to that of your new property.

Bank automatic payment

You can set up an automatic payment from your bank to our Westpac account: 03-0726-0330770-00




Name on rates invoice
eg, J&M Smith
Valuation reference number (without spaces)
eg, 1447112300B
eg, 10 Example Street

Please ensure you provide the correct particulars, code and reference so we can identify the payment.

If you sell your property and buy another, you will need to change the code and reference number on your autobank payment. It is your responsibility to ensure the payment is correctly referenced.

Credit card online payment

Pay online with Visa or Mastercard

Please note, there is a surcharge of 1.3% per transaction for online credit/debit card payments, to cover our costs in providing this service. The fee is calculated before your payment is submitted and is included in the total transaction amount.