Frederick Krull Walkway

For a journey of varied scenery, take this walkway through sportsfield, meadow reserve, and suburban streets. High points provide great views back over the city and ranges.

Photo shows aerial view of a limestone walkway winding along a hilltop. There are stands of trees nearby but not along the pathway.

Track Difficulty Rating:2  3  4  5   (1 = easy : 5 = difficult)  

Distance:  1.5 kilometres (length of reserve).

Photo shows a map of the routes that make up the Frederick Krull walkway.

Walkway shown in red.

Contour:  Flat to mildly contoured.

Surface:  Grass, limestone.

Access Points: Fernlea Avenue, Shakespeare Way, Schnell Drive (x2), Parnell Heights (x2), Logan Way, Roberts Line.

Conveniences:  Carpark, picnic table

Motorised Trail Bikes or Vehicles: Not permitted on any walkways

Dogs welcome

This is a dog exercise area, where you can walk your dog off-leash. Please pick up after your dog and ensure they are under control at all times.