Manawatū River Pathway

Experience the ever-changing views of the Manawatū River and its surrounds on this open, flat path which follows the river from the end of Maxwells Line through to Riverside Drive. While the entire route may not suit an evening stroll or cycle, numerous access points allow for shorter excursions.

Photo shows six people biking on offroad path beside the Manawatu River.

Track difficulty rating:  1  2  3  4  5   (1 = easy : 5 = difficult) 

Approximate distances

  • Paneiri Park - end of Dittmer Drive: 2.37 kilometres
  • End of Dittmer Drive - Fitzherbert Avenue:  1.31 kilometres
  • Fitzherbert Avenue - Albert Street:  1.69 kilometres
  • Albert Street - Waterloo Crescent:  0.61 kilometres
  • Waterloo Crescent - Ayr Place:  0.60 kilometres
  • Ayr Place - Ruahine Street:  0.92 kilometres
  • Ruahine Street - Ruamahunga Crescent:  1.10 kilometres
  • Ruamahunga Crescent - Napier Road:  0.34 kilometres
  • Napier Road - Riverside Drive:  0.94 kilometres

Total Distance:  9.86 kilometres

Contour:  Flat to mildly contoured

  Mainly asphalt (limestone between Paneiri Park and Dittmer Drive)

Access points

Riverside Drive (off Te Matai Road), Napier Road, Ruamahunga Crescent, Ruahine Street, Ayr Place, Waterloo Crescent, Albert Street, Fitzherbert Avenue, Victoria Esplanade Drive (Esplanade access), Dittmer Drive, Buick Crescent, Maxwells Line


Carparks at Riverside Drive, Napier Road, Ruahine Street, Fitzherbert Avenue, Palm Drive, Dittmer Drive, and Maxwells Line accessways.

Toilets are available at three access points: Maxwells Line, Fitzherbert Avenue and Ruamahunga Crescent.

Special attractions

River views, river access, bike jumps and pump track, open-air gym equipment

Horses allowed

Motorised trail bikes or vehicles not permitted


Symbol - Dog-Off-Leash Dogs can be off leash but must be under control
  • Ensure dogs are under control at all times and do not disturb livestock where walkways pass through rural areas.
  • Please pick up your dog waste and put it in a rubbish bin or take it away with you.