Mangaone Stream Pathway

The Mangaone Stream Pathway stretches from Tōtara Road through to Milson Line and Flygers Line. Although you can walk the stopbanks on both sides, the walkway markers switch sides from Amberley Avenue. Remember, you’re on a stopbank so take all the usual precautions for being around water. Underpasses are now provided for many of the road and railway crossings.

Photo shows limestone walkway winding along a mowed grass stopbank next to the stream, with palm trees in the background.

Track Difficulty Rating:2  3  4  5   (1 = easy : 5 = difficult) 


  • Tōtara Road - Pioneer Highway:  2.56kilometres
  • Pioneer Highway - Amberley Avenue: 1.68kilometres
  • Amberley Avenue - Highbury Avenue:  1.20kilometres
  • Highbury Avenue - Botanical Road:  0.48kilometres
  • Botanical Road - Tremaine Avenue:  0.56kilometres
  • Tremaine Avenue - Benmore Avenue:  1.20kilometres
  • Benmore Avenue - Rangitīkei Line:  0.60kilometres
  • Rangitīkei Line - John F Kennedy Drive:  0.40kilometres
  • John F Kennedy Drive - Milson Line: 0.47kilometre

Total distance: 9.15 kilometres

Photo shows a map of the shared pathway along the banks of Mangaone Stream.

Mangaone pathway map.

 Contour: Mainly flat though slightly uneven

Surface: Grass, limestone. Stiles present at Pioneer Highway, the trotting club bridge, and Tremaine Avenue access points

Access points: Tōtara Road, Pioneer Highway, Amberley Avenue, Highbury Avenue, Botanical Road, Tremaine Avenue, Benmore Avenue, Rangitīkei Line, Apollo Parade, John F Kennedy Drive (x2), and Milson Line

Conveniences: Nil

Special attractions: A riparian walkway

Motorised trail bikes or vehicles
Not permitted on any walkways


Symbol - Dog-On-Leash Dogs must be on leash through the racecourse area
Symbol - Dog-Off-Leash No access through racecourse between 5am-9am
  • Ensure dogs are under control at all times and do not disturb livestock where walkways pass through rural areas.
  • Please pick up your dog waste and put it in a rubbish bin or take it away with you.
Photo shows people walking along a limestone pathway meandering alongside a stream and riparian planting.