Turitea Green Corridor Walkway

Walk or ride through the first of the city's Green Corridor plantings. Green Corridors is a biodiversity initiative creating habitats for our native birds to thrive, improving water quality for our native fish, and producing a beautiful bush network for our city to enjoy for walking, running, biking and to picnic in.

Warning: There are two unbridged stream crossings. You will get your feet wet. Take extreme care when crossing and do not attempt to cross the stream in high flows.

Track Difficulty Rating: 1  2  3  4  5     (1 = easy : 5 = difficult)

Distance:  1.4 kilometres

Surface:  grass and water

Special Attractions: riparian planting

Motorised Trail Bikes or Vehicles
Not permitted on any walkways


Symbol - Dog-On-Leash Dogs must be on leash
  • Ensure dogs are under control at all times and do not disturb livestock where walkways pass through rural areas.
  • Please pick up your dog waste and put it in a rubbish bin or take it away with you.

Map - Turitea GC Walkway