Recycling champions

Small efforts towards recycling have a big impact on reducing waste sent to landfill, resulting in a cleaner and greener city.

Photo shows PNCC staffer next to a recycling bin holding a recycling champions tag.

Environmental sustainability student Claire Bullock shows off a recycling champions tag. If you've found one on your recycling bin, fill in the online form below to enter our prize draw.

Across Palmerston North, thousands of residents are diligently filling their recycling bins. Putting only the accepted items into your recycling bin has a positive impact on the overall recycling process. This means that staff manually sorting the recycling can work in a safe environment. As a result, materials can be separated and diverted from landfill.

If you’re unsure whether something is recyclable, check Guru’s guide to what goes where

If your recycling bin's been tagged, fill in this online form to be in to win a $50 grocery voucher.