Cycling facilities

Palmerston North has an extensive network of cycle lanes and shared pathways, making it easier and safer for people on bikes to get around the city, and to and from the CBD.

The roads that surround the city also provide a scenic training ground for cyclists of all ages and fitness levels.

For the more adventurous, the city is within close proximity to some of the best mountain biking trails the country has to offer.

Palmerston North city has a growing number of designated cycle lanes and cycling tracks. The cycle lanes provide a network for cyclists to get around the greater city, and to and from the CBD.

The lanes give cyclists an additional measure of safety on their commute by ensuring all road users, particularly in high traffic areas, are given the visual reinforcement of the lanes, aiding fellow road users' awareness of cyclists.

The Council has made a significant investment in developing the cycle lane network, from research and consultation, gaining collaborative input from cyclists and other road users, to the tangible aspect of implementing the initiative and having the lanes laid out and marked. 

Manawatū, the best place in New Zealand to ride a bike.

Palmerston North City Council

Palmerston North City Council and Manawatū District Council want our region to be the best place in New Zealand to ride a bike. We will do this by making the roads safer, building more cycle routes and facilities, and promoting cycling as an environmentally friendly, healthy and cheap way to get to work or school.  

(Contained in the report and recommendations of the cycle investigation working party, August 2011)

Resources for people who bike

Cycling is a affordable, fun, and a great way to stay fit and healthy - as well as a convenient way of getting around.

If you cycle, you must follow the road rules and you must also wear an approved safety helmet.

The New Zealand Transport Agency has lots of resources that can help build your cycling confidence and skills.

Official New Zealand code for cyclists  - a user-friendly online guide to New Zealand's traffic law as it relates to cyclists

Cycling smart - cycling resources on the NZTA website