Road resealing

Close to 30 roads around the city are being resealed this summer as part of our ongoing maintenance programme to keep you safe on our roads, and our roading network in good shape.

Each year we reseal a number of roads throughout our city. This year is the second year we’ve released our full work programme in advance to give you plenty of notice about upcoming work.

Road resealing plays two vital roles. Resealing waterproofs the road and protects the structure underneath, limiting potholes and therefore reducing road failures. It also ensures the road is smoother to travel on. As a result, not only are the roads safer, but by protecting the road from water getting into the pavement, we ensure the road is more durable and does not require more expensive repairs in the future.

Pothole repairs: The map below shows potholes repaired in Palmerston North between 1 July and 30 September, 2021. We will be updating the map quarterly.

Roads being resealed this year include portions of Gillespies Line, Te Awe Awe Street, Pacific Drive, Kelvin Grove Road East, Cook Street and Fairs Road. A full list is below.

Traffic management, including stop/go signals, road closures, and lane closures will be needed for some of the work. Most of the sealing work will happen on weekdays to ensure we avoid excessive noise in residential areas at night. Sealing work requires the higher daytime temperatures to cure the reseal treatment. Where possible, we are trying to limit work around peak traffic periods.

The roads we reseal are determined predominantly by damage, age of the road, daily user numbers and the weight and types of vehicles using the road. These priorities may change due to new conditions and assessment information.

We know residents are keen to see Vogel Street and Botanical Road resealed and we're currently carrying out investigative work on those streets to ensure any work happens at the same time as water upgrades or other roading work.

Residents and businesses along affected streets will receive a letter ahead of the work. For major streets, regular updates will be provided on our Council Facebook page and via traditional media.

Road resealing is just one part of how we keep you safe on our roads. If you’re ever concerned about a road, we encourage you to take a photo and use the Snap Send Solve app, or get in touch with us.

Road reseal programme summer 2021-22:

  • Clevely Line West
  • Argyle Avenue
  • Gillespies Line
  • Orrs Road
  • Pukeko Road
  • Te Ngaio Road
  • Worcester Street
  • Worcester Street, Ashhurst
  • Whitmore Road
  • Andrew Avenue
  • Birmingham Street
  • Elliot Street
  • Fernlea Avenue
  • Jickell Street
  • Phillip Street
  • Limbrick Street
  • Roberts Line
  • Walkers Road
  • Atawhai Road
  • Edgeware Road
  • Fairs Road
  • Ivanhoe Terrace
  • Kelvin Grove Road East
  • Shelley Street
  • Westwood Drive
  • Wikiriwhi Terrace
  • Cook Street west
  • Pacific Drive
  • Turitea Road
  • Te Awe Awe Street