Trade waste charges

Here are the fees we charge for trade waste, including fixed and variable charges for conditional and consented trade waste discharges.

All charges are for 2017-18, and include GST.

Fixed charges

New application fee

$115 per application

Consent processing fee

New or renewal fee charged at actual costs: $115 per hour

Trade waste discharge consent fixed fees

Type of facility or consent
Administration and monitoring fee

$ per year

Inspection fee

$ per year

Total fee

$ per year

1Permitted trade waste discharge with grease trap 60 80 140
1Permitted trade waste discharge with oil interceptors (or similar devices) 60   60
1Permitted trade waste discharge with amalgam traps 60   160
2Conditional and consented trade waste discharges 690 (includes monitoring fee)   690
Conditional and consented trade waste discharges (monitoring only no flow measurement) 1,050   1,050
  1. If a second inspection is required to confirm the device meets the requirements, we will charge a reinspection fee: $115 per inspection.
  2. Not including variable charges as set out below.

Trade waste conditional discharge consents variable charges

Trade waste charges

Volume charge

$ per m3


Charge to recover sewerage collection costs
Suspended solids charge

$ per kg

0.6164 Charge to recover suspended solids treatment costs
Organic loading charge

$ per kg

0.4323 Charge to recover organic loading treatment costs
Phosphorous charge

$ per kg

38.1021 Charge to recover phosphorous removal costs

Tankered waste charge

Charge to recover administration, receiving and treatment costs of tankered waste: $28.75 per 1,000 litres