Water and wastewater charges

Here are the fees we charge for water and wastewater, including annual and variable charges for businesses on metered water connections, and what you pay in your rates.

All charges are for 2018-19, and include GST, effective from 1 July.

Water supply

Targeted water rate (annual)

Connected: $256

Serviceable: $128

Metered water targeted rate

Connection charge (annual): $212.75

Variable charge (per m3): $1.1845

Francis Way: commercial water tanker

Fixed key deposit fee

$100 per key issued

Variable charge

Access fee

$ per cu3

Volume charge

$ per cu3

Total variable charge

$ per cu3

0.31 1.1845 1.4945

Domestic wastewater

Targeted wastewater rate or pan charge (annual)

Connected: $256

Serviceable: $128

Service connections

Service required

Application fee

Inspection fee

Total fee

One connection (water, wastewater or stormwater) $72 $113 $185
Two connections (water, wastewater or stormwater) $113 $165 $278
Three connections (water, wastewater or stormwater) $149 $216 $365