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Animals and Bees Bylaw review

We've been looking at the city's rules for keeping animals, bees, and poultry. Feedback on our recommended changes is now closed. See below to download the formal submissions we received.

We're reviewing our Animals and Bees Bylaw. The bylaw allows residents to own animals in a responsible way while minimising impacts on neighbours and protecting public health and safety. 

Earlier in 2017 we asked you whether the current bylaw adequately managed issues arising from keeping animals and bees. After reviewing your feedback we drafted a revised bylaw and an administration manual to support its operation (see the downloads at the bottom of this page).

Key changes to the bylaw

This is an overview of the changes we’re recommending. For full details, please read the consultation document.


Microchipping and desexing cats: Council recommends making it mandatory to microchip and desex cats. However we propose delaying this requirement until 2 July 2019 to give cat owners 12 months to comply with the new bylaw. Cat owners would be responsible for the cost of these procedures.

Permit to keep more than three cats in the urban area: the current rules exempt properties 2000m2 or bigger. We recommend removing the exemption so all urban residents are covered by the same rule.


We propose a new rule that allows people to keep roosters in Ashhurst, Bunnythorpe, Linton and Longburn, or if the owner of the rooster holds a valid permit issued under this bylaw.

A new definition of animal

The draft bylaw aims to remove any confusion by specifying the animals it covers.

Administration manual

We’re proposing to introduce guidance for people wanting to keep more than three cats, or more beehives than stated in the bylaw, and for any other bylaw contraventions.

Timeline of the review process

Submissions on the draft bylaw closed on 21 December. 

  • October: Report to Council to seek approval to consult
  • November-December: Formal consultation period
  • February 2018: Report to Council
  • March 2018: Hearings
  • April to July 2018: Deliberation, adoption

More information

For more information about the draft Palmerston North Animals and Bees Bylaw 2017 and Administration Manual, please contact Ann-Marie Mori, Policy Analyst, City Future: phone 06 356 8199 or email