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Bylaw amendment: waste management and minimisation

We’re making some changes to the Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw.

We’re proposing to make a few changes to our Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw. Most of the changes are reasonably minor, tidying up the bylaw which was adopted in September 2016. There are a few notable changes though.

Proposed changes

We want to change the bylaw to make it possible for our staff to refuse to collect a wheelie bin that has offensive material in it. We’ve found that some people are using their wheelie bins to put general waste out for collection. In some cases this is very offensive material, like animal remains, used nappies or rotting meat. So we want to change the bylaw to keep our workers safe, and to send a clear message that wheelie bins can only be used for recycling.

We also want to make some changes to the “three strikes system”. This is for people who put non-recyclable material into their wheelie bin, like plastic bags, non-recyclable plastics, or other waste items. Currently, if someone does this we issue them with a strike notice. If they get three notices, then their recycling collection is suspended for several weeks. However, we still collect and empty their recycling bin for the first strike.

We want to change this so that we won’t empty a recycling bin even on the first strike. This makes it clear that recycling bins can’t be used for general waste, while accepting that people sometimes make mistakes. However, if the person continues to contaminate their wheelie bin, they will lose their recycling service for several weeks.

Review timeline

Written submissions closed on 20 December 2017. We’re planning to hold hearings for oral submissions in February 2018. Council will consider all submissions in April 2018 before making a decision on what changes to make to the Waste Management and Minimisation Bylaw.