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Draft Dog Control Policy

Formal submission on the city's rules for dog control closed on Friday 2 March.

We're reviewing our current Dog Control Policy. The policy is a requirement under the Dog Control Act 1996. It explains Council's approach to dog control and guides internal operational policy and practice as well as how Council exercises discretion under the Dog Control Act 1996. A main feature of the policy is to describe where you can and cannot take your dog.

When the policy is adopted by Council it is given effect through the Dog Control Bylaw. This means the bylaw becomes the legal means for the Council to take enforcement action if required. Enforcing the bylaw is in addition to general enforcement powers under the Dog Control Act.

Last year we asked you whether the current policy and its associated bylaw adequately manage dogs in the city. Now we've reviewed your feedback, we've drafted a revised policy.

Key changes to the policy

We're proposing some changes to the current dog control areas:

  • recategorising grass sportsfields as on-leash control areas when sports are not being played
  • allowing dogs on leads in the central business district for a 12 month trial period
  • changing Aokautere walkways from dog exercise areas to dog on-leash areas

We've added new sections to the policy to:

  • explain the overall overall context for dog control and rationale for dog control areas
  • ensure the policy includes all of the sections required under the Dog Control Act 1996
  • clearly state the responsibilities of dog ownership. While this replicates the requirements set out in the Act, we believe it's worthwhile to reinforce these aspects as part of the policy review.

Timeline of the review process

  • December: Report to Council to seek approval to consult
  • Late January to March: Formal consultation period
  • April: Hearings
  • May to July: Deliberation and adoption of policy
  • August to September: Preparation of bylaw
  • October: Adoption of bylaw

More information

For more information about the draft Dog Control Policy, please contact Ann-Marie Mori, Policy Analyst, City Future: phone 06 356 8199 or email