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Lease proposal: Crewe Park

Council intends to lease approximately 85 square metres of recreation reserve land at Crewe Crescent Reserve to Pascal Street Community Trust.

Notice is given pursuant to section 54 of the Reserves Act 1977. The land is described as Lots 1 and 2 DP 21369 and Lot 11 DP 20721. Under the proposed lease agreement, the land can be used for recreation and educational activities and literacy programmes for the local community.

Any person or organisation has the right to make a submission objecting (or otherwise) to the lease proposal. To make a submission:

  • write to the Team Leader, Governance and Support, Palmerston North City Council, Private Bag 11034, PN 4442, or
  • email

Submissions close at 4pm on Monday 12 February 2018. Any person making a submission can choose to speak about their submission at a Council meeting. Please indicate on your submission if you wish to be heard.

For more information regarding the proposal, please contact Jason Pilkington, Leisure Assets Planner,