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Māori ward options

At its meeting on Monday 24 October, Palmerston North City Council voted to establish a Māori ward, or wards, for the next local government elections in 2019 and 2022. Those registered on the Māori roll for national elections will be eligible to vote for Palmerston North City Council Māori ward candidates.

Closeup photo shows Māori carvings outside Council chamber.

A Māori ward will enable voters to nominate and vote for candidates to a designated Māori seat on Council.

Poll to decide whether a Māori ward or wards should be established for Palmerston North City Council

On 21 February 2018 Council received a petition calling for a poll to countermand its October resolution. A poll will now be held to decide whether a Māori ward or wards should be established.

The postal vote poll will be held on Saturday 19 May, with a voting period of Friday 27 April to Saturday 19 May.

The result of the poll will be binding on Council.


We've been exploring ways to ensure Māori values and perspectives are better included in the development of our city. Around 18% of Palmerston North’s population identify as Māori.

Download the discussion document below to learn more.

The option of having a Māori ward was developed by the New Zealand Parliament as a way to enhance the role and perspective of Māori in local government decision-making.


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