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Priority routes and earthquake-prone buildings

Priority routes are busy roads or footpaths where falling masonry from buildings damaged in an earthquake would pose a high risk to life and public safety. We want to know which routes you think we should prioritise in Palmerston North.

There are two criteria for identifying which roads, footpaths and other thoroughfares should be prioritised:

  • the number of vehicles and pedestrians using the route
  • the risk of unreinforced masonry buildings falling in an earthquake

The owners of unreinforced masonry buildings located on priority routes will have a shorter timeframe to make their buildings safe: seven-and-a-half years instead of 15 years.

Council has identified potential priority roads, footpaths and other thoroughfares in the Statement of Proposal and now seeks feedback on these.


The following timeframe applies to this consultation:  

  • 19 March: Consultation period begins
  • 23 April: Consultation period closes
  • June/July: Hearings and decision

This consultation is being undertaken in accordance with the Special Consultative Procedure in section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002. Following the close of submissions, submitters will have the ability to present their views to Council before the Council makes a final decision.

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