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Shaping our city

Every Council has a District Plan. The Palmerston North City District Plan was made operative in December 2000. It is now time to replace it with a new one.

Shaping our city is the name of the Palmerston North City Council sectional district plan review. In the past, a full review was required every 10 years. However, changes to the Resource Management Act now enable the Council to review the District Plan in sections

The shaping our city project will review different aspects of the District Plan over five years, from 2012 to 2016. Central to the project is consultation with the community. We want to help the community understand what the District Plan is and how it affects them. The project does this by breaking down the District Plan into sections and asking people to comment on them individually.

We need to find out what the community thinks will be the key environmental issues, demands and areas for careful consideration and management for Palmerston North in the future. By looking after our city now we are creating a sustainable future so generations can enjoy it as well.

What is a sectional district plan review?

A District Plan is the key document that tells you what you can and cannot do on land in our city. It covers the central business district (CBD), residential suburbs, industrial areas and rural land. The policies and rules in a District Plan are designed to maintain a high standard of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

The District Plan manages significant issues such as urban growth and business and industrial development. It also manages more minor matters such as the minimum distance a garage should be located from a property boundary.

Changes to the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA 1991) mean the District Plan can now be reviewed in sections, as opposed to one full review every 10 years.

The sectional approach gives people the flexibility to pick aspects of the District Plan that are specific to them and give the Council their thoughts and ideas. Anyone is welcome to comment.

Why do we need to review the District Plan?

A lot can happen in 10 years. A review of the District Plan allows communities to reassess environmental outcomes and priorities, and to redefine the district's vision.

There is a lot in our existing District Plan that works well but there are some areas where we need to modify things to take into account emerging issues such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate change, sustainability and urban design. This reflects the fact that we live in a changing environment with changing issues and levels of knowledge.

Growth projections: what do we need to plan for?

Palmerston North is expected to have more than 94,000 people living in the city by 2031. We need to plan and manage where will they live, work and play. Projections also indicate that there will be an additional 20,800 jobs, and we will need to plan for commercial and industrial developments to cater for them.

At the same time the average household size is due to decline, and the population is getting older. This has implications for the kind of housing and community facilities that we will need in the future.

What you should know…

  • Palmerston North is expected to have more than 94,000 people living in the city by 2031. Where will they live, work and play?
  • The District Plan tells you what you can and cannot do on land in the district. Do you have any thoughts about what you should be able to do on your land?
  • The Palmerston North District Plan is one of the first to be reviewed in sections. Sections of the District Plan will be consulted on in four phases over the next five years.
  • The District Plan addresses new technologies and pressures such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainability and urban design. How do you think we should deal with these issues?

Have you got something to say?

You can talk to the Council's planning team on 06 356 8199