Sponsorship Fund

The Sponsorship Fund is a contestable fund that supports initiatives (including an activity, project, or event) that improves our city’s reputation and national presence. 

This fund will open at the start of the financial year and will remain open until it is fully allocated. A maximum of $10,000 is available per application. Staff have the discretion to award up to 50% of total funding to an eligible proposal. Assessment and allocation decisions will be carried out by a panel of staff. 

What the fund covers

Council to invest in the initiative the activity, project or event must demonstrates these factors:  

  • contribution to outcomes to achieve goal one of Council's strategic direction
  • is innovative, delivering something new or addressing an issue that affects the people of Palmerston North in line with Councils strategic goals
  • is of significant regional or national importance
  • positively profiles the city of Palmerston North
  • provides a quantifiable economic benefit (e.g., activities, projects or events that attract 200+ visitors to the city who stay at least one night).

Who the fund is for

Open to legal entities (trust, company, or incorporated societies) who have a finalised proposal that will positively highlight Palmerston North and provide quantifiable economic benefits to the city.

How to apply

Applications to the Sponsorship Fund can be submitted online at any time, through our Smarty Grants community funding website. Applicants will find all the supporting information for the Sponsorship Fund in Smarty Grants, including application criteria, event eligibility, funding exclusions and event benefits.

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