Parking fees and charges

Here are the fees we charge for parking, including on-street, off-street, lease, permit and SuperGold card parking.

All fees and charges include GST. Effective 1 July 2024 to 30 June 2025.

On-street parking fees are set so that:

  • car parks are well used
  • the supply of parking is flexible to support economic vitality and vibrancy
  • to ensure a balance that supports walking, biking and scooting (active transport) and public transport.

Chargeable hours for parking

Chargeable hours for parking are between 8.30am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday, and 11am to 3pm Saturday.

Parking fees don't apply on Sunday or on public holidays as defined in the Holidays Act 2003.

Parking meter tariffs
On-street  $2 an hour
Off-street  $1 an hour or $5 a day

Other fees

Parking meter boards 
Enables owner/operators of trade vehicles, skip-bins or heavy machinery to reserve metered spaces for a special purpose or use (during chargeable metered hours).
 Half-day  $4.50 per metered space
 Day  $9 per metered space
 Year  $750 per metered space
Event organiser's permit 
For any event organisers requiring metered spaces to be reserved for a special purpose or use (during chargeable metered hours).
Full-day (no half-day charge)  $5 per metered space
SuperGold permit

SuperGold-cardholders can apply for a permit to be exempt from paying at the meter between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday. You need to be a Palmerston North resident.

Fee per calendar year (January to December)  $10 per vehicle
Residential parking permit
There is no charge for this permit to exempt a resident from parking time restrictions on a street. The permit is for a defined area as agreed at the time of its issue. It is renewable annually.


Small passenger service vehicle permit
Permit for Authorised Taxi Organisations including Uber and Ola to park in a small passenger service vehicle stand (taxi stand) in signed or marked parking locations across the city.
Annual charge  $40 per taxi


 Memorial Park private car sale permit
For the sale of private motor vehicles from designated car park spaces at Memorial Park. A maximum of four vehicles may be sold per year, per applicant.
 Weekly charge  $10 per vehicle


 Meter access card
 For motorists who hold a current mobility permit who are unable to reach the meter to make a payment.
 Annual charge  $45 per vehicle

Lease parking

 Location (click link to see on a map) Monthly cost: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm
82 Campbell Street $65
303 Church Street $130
317 Church Street $130
63 King Street $130
12 Linton Street $100
312 Main Street (by Globe Theatre) $100
339 Main Street (next to Harvey Norman) $130
551 Main Street (next to ACC) $130

As well as the carparks listed above, we offer access-controlled lease parking in two other locations, on different weekly terms:

  • Ashley Street, available seven days a week, 6.30am to 7pm, $100 a month
  • Plaza top deck, available Monday to Friday only, 7am to 7pm, $65 a month