Noise control

If noise is bothering you, you can call our noise control line any time, day or night. Phone: 06 356 8199

Call us to make a complaint about noise from:

  • loud parties
  • house and building alarms
  • construction and industrial activity.

What happens when you make a noise complaint

  1. Our call centre will take your details. Your private details aren't shared with anyone.
  2. We may ask you to call back 30 minutes later to confirm if the noise is continuing.
  3. We’ll send a noise control officer to investigate. They'll take into account the time of day, background noise and any other factors.

Penalties for excessive noise

If the noise control officer finds that the noise is excessive, they’ll issue an excessive noise direction notice. The notice states the noise must be reduced to a reasonable level. It applies for up to 72 hours from the time it’s issued.

If excessive noise starts up again within the 72 hours, our officers can seize equipment. They can also issue instant fines. 

How to avoid a noise complaint

For any activity or event that has the potential to make loud noise:

  • be considerate! 
  • tone it down at a reasonable hour
  • if you’re using power tools and DIY equipment, don’t use them all day long – give your neighbours a break. 
  • if you’re planning a big party, warn your neighbours. As it gets later, move the party indoors, shut doors and windows, and keep the volume down.