Corridor access request fees

Corridor access request fees are charges for anyone applying for a traffic management plan in Palmy. This could be for an event, construction, or utility providers accessing underground services.

We introduced these fees in July 2021. Previously these costs were absorbed by ratepayers but now it is a user-pays service.

All fees include GST and are valid to 30 June 2024. They are subject to annual review and adjustment as part of our annual budget discussions. 

Council will invoice at the end of each month.

Information for event organisers

Event organisers needing a traffic management plan for their event will need to pay an administration fee for the plan.

For one-off events requiring a traffic management plan, where you're not doing any work likely to impact any Council assets (like digging up our roads or berms) then there will be an administration fee of $123 including GST.

If you plan multiple events of a similar type – for example, running races which are similar in nature and location and can be approved under a generic traffic management plan – and there is no impact on Council assets, then you will be charged an administration fee of $246 including GST. This will cover all qualifying events during the financial year (1 July to 30 June).

Information for contractors, construction and utility providers

The application fee covers the traffic management plan and approval request for any work within the road reserve.

The administration fee (A) covers the application.

The reinstatement inspection fee (B and C) is for inspection of the reinstatement part of the works where the works are on a Council asset.

The inspection charges below don't relate to works within the road where Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency is the road controlling authority, but they do apply to footpath works along a state highway, as Council owns these assets.

Standard charges 2023-24

The standard fee is a one-off, site specific corridor access request. 

 Item  Charges
A. Administration fee: per application $123
B. Reinstatement inspection fee for 0.1m to 20m of opening within the road reserve. This fee provides for 2 reinstatement inspections per request $86
Total: Standard corridor access request charge, assuming no more than 2 reinstatement inspections are required $209
C. Additional reinstatement inspection fee: payable for every inspection for each additional 100m of trench beyond 20m $44
Rebate for overlap corridor access request and vehicle crossing inspection -$86


For a manhole replacement within the Council road corridor boundaries the normal cost will be $ 209 (item A+B) for the standard 20m opening. However, if the scope of the site is more than 20m, then:

  • 20m to 120m, cost additional $44 (Item C) = total cost: $253
  • 120m to 220m, cost additional $88 (Item C x 2) = total cost: $297

Generic charges 2023-24

These charges are for low-risk, low-complexity activities. This is a long-term permit that allows network utility service contractors to work on road corridors without having to apply for a different request for each job. Acceptance of the works as a generic request is at the sole discretion of Council's traffic management coordinator.

 Item  Charge
A. Administration fee: per application $246
B. Reinstatement inspection fee. This fee provides for 2 reinstatement inspections for each road opening site $86
Total: Generic corridor access request charge, assuming no more than 2 reinstatement inspections are required $332
C. Additional reinstatement inspection fee: payable for every additional 100m of road opening beyond 20m $44


A contractor expects to open up 10 sites, each less than 20m, in different specified locations over a defined period. Each site will require two inspections. This is charged as item A+ (item B x 10) $246 + $860 = total cost: $1,106

Item C does not apply in this example, but would if there were any longer trenches.


For approval of a generic corridor access request, please advise the corridor access manager of each specific site work 7 days before the proposed work.

The requirements of the traffic management plan may change subject to the classification of the road where work is being carried out.

Audit requirements and booking inspections

You are required to contact Council's road maintenance contractor, Fulton Hogan to inspect trenches. The first inspection is required to capture information on existing pavement data, verify trench width and to check compaction methods. A second inspection is required prior to surfacing.

Please contact Fulton Hogan by emailing with the following information:

  • Approved corridor access request number
  • Contractor's name and contact details
  • Location and type of works
  • Date for requested inspection

Notification times:

  • First inspection: 7 days
  • Before asphalting and surfacing: 24 hours

Trenching must be done in accordance with the most recent version of the National Code of Practice for Utility Operators' Access to Transport Corridors (this will take precedence) and Council's Engineering Standards for Land Development section 1.27, which states:

Trenching: The excavation, installation and backfilling of trenches must be in accordance with NZS/AS3725. Compaction tests must be carried out on all service trenches within the development. The developer's technical representative must retain all compaction testing records and provide certification of the tests to the manager.

Records of compaction testing (Clegg Hammer and maximum dry density) showing the required standards are met must be provided before surface reinstatement.

Warranty period

The warranty period on each road opening is two years. Should a substantial repair be required during this two-year period, further inspections will be required and will incur a reinspection fee (item C).

The warranty period for any substantial repair is two years from the date of the repair.